La Folle is the new alfresco accessories brand by multi - disciplined

designer Fi Stewart (that's me!), affectionately called 'FiFi Folle'

by friends, ('La Folle' meaning 'the crazy girl' in French)

Having formally studied Graphic Design, before moving

into Fashion Styling, I have spent the past 20 years 

working in the fashion & design industries,

gradually absorbing a wealth of inspiration

from the worlds of art, fashion & music.

My lifelong obsession with bright & 

bold design has led me to develop

a distinctive style that is colourful, 

free spirited and fun. I aim to

create products that are

stylish and functional 

in equal measure,

evoking joy &


for the


how the 'crazy girl'

came to be...


After experimenting making a variety of fashion

accessories, my attention turned to one of

my favored possessions...

Sweltering in the heat of the midday sun, dancing at a Summer roof

terrace party, I reached into my bag for my trusty hand fan to cool myself

down, and that's when the light bulb moment happened. I realised

there was a huge gap in the market for modern folding fans, and so my

quest to design a range that was cool & contemporary began.

La Folle Fans are inspired by Art, fashion, music, dance, festivals, dressing

up, travelling the globe, and general good times! I intend to create timeless

designs you will love and cherish, year after year. Each fan is lovingly

designed by myself at my studio in Bristol, then hand assembled by master

craftsmen & women in Spain, using my original artwork digitally printed on

to cotton, then glued on to sustainable Birch wood ribs.

Perfect for the fun times in life, be that on the beach, a party, a festival, or

just to brighten a dull day. La Folle Fans are wildly colourful, strikingly

different, and sure to make you stand out in the crowd.


So whether you're melting in a heatwave, or just feeling a little

flustered, why not revive your senses in style.

Wave goodbye to hot & bothered, and say hello to

La FollE Fans!